Gameplay Video Explaining the game

Below is a video of the gameplay and me describing the game with its mechanics:

FMP Gameplay Video


Product Evaluation

How the product turned out:

In my honest opinion, I think the final product is not worthy of any admiration at all, since based off my blog posts, I haven’t been doing much work on it at all. The reason for being that is because I was so focused on the other work I had to do, especially the group work because last year, the amount of work I contributed to group work was pretty much nil and thus in order to prove to myself and fellow colleagues that I can in fact contribute a pretty decent amount of group work, I dedicated myself mostly to group project work. However it’s not to say I haven’t done any work on this project, in fact, I did spend a pretty large amount of time just modelling and unwrapping the objects in level 2.

The final product is a prototype of a game, if you’d even call it that. This originally wasn’t my plan as originally I had planned to make a complete game with 3 characters, 3 to 4 environments, and 3 levels. I now realise that I had made a huge mistake and perhaps I was too ambitious and optimistic about it. If I were to do this project again, I wouldn’t be so ambitious and unrealistic about it. If I had a chance to start a whole new project like this one, I’d stick to environment modelling, and modelling 3 detailed environments.


During this project I did have a chance to learn the Unity Engine as I had little knowledge of it before. I now know a little bit more about it and I feel that with a little bit more experience, I would be able to make a complete game in the engine.


I feel that are a lot of weaknesses during development and just in general as a whole. However, I feel that my biggest weakness is time management and overall planning of the project. The way that I work, I would work and work and work but I would often forget to document it on the blog, and that would lead me to a big disadvantage as I would forget when I did certain tasks and how I did them.

I have produced a gantt chart, however I would hardly look at it and follow it as if I do, I would feel worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish tasks in time and would start to panic.

Another big issue is the lack of motivation and discipline. I feel that when I’m doing work, I have to be fully committed to it in order to be able to achieve my goal and would hardly take a break. That being said, whenever I do take breaks, I would often be distracted by social media and would go on to take longer breaks, sometimes even forgetting to do the work again. And perhaps I am just overwhelmed about everything, because I quite often overthink about things, things I shouldn’t be thinking about and yet I still think about them. I would often just be overwhelmed by life itself and all its intricacies which then makes me fall into a pit of depression.


To conclude I feel this whole project has been a complete disaster from beginning to end. However, that doesn’t mean that I have lost all faith in myself, in fact quite the opposite. I believe that despite my many failures, if I continue to believe in myself and believe that I can still make a change, then I haven’t truly failed. Life still goes on and it just means that there are more opportunities for me to learn and improve.


Technical Evaluation

What I learnt:

After completing this project I have learnt that some things just aren’t for people. I say that because I feel that I have let myself down and let others down due to my shortcomings as this whole project has been an almost complete failure. This project was supposed to be my highlight, a chance to show off to potential employers what I can do as an individual. However, this is incidentally not the case. The work I produced for this project has been one of the lowest quality of work I have ever produced.

Comparison to presentation:

In my presentation I said I would design, model, and texture 3 characters, and 3 environments, along with 3 levels to be put into a game in which the player would have to solve puzzles in order to progress through the game. Compared to the final result, I have designed the characters but have not modeled and therefore also not textured them. As for the 3 environments, I have modeled an almost complete environment for my second level, modeled a few assets for level 1, and haven’t done any work towards the last level. So the end product is a “prototype” of some sort with a main menu and 2 very incomplete levels.

How does this affect my career?

Now if a person looked at the amount of work I had done for this project, they would almost immediately think I have put an incredibly large setback towards my career and that it is going to be extremely hard for me to have a proper career in games development.

However, I believe that despite all my numerous amounts of failures, I can still make it, because I still believe that I can have a successful career in this field. Perhaps I just haven’t peaked yet, that I still haven’t reached my full potential yet and that is alright because in due time, I will have the skills necessary to enhance my career if I keep working hard at it because I feel that with many failures come great success, provided that I learn and improve from it and that I am still committed in what I do and still have the passion for it.

Future plans for the product and my career:

In terms of future plans for this product, there will be no further action to be taken regarding this particular project as I feel that it has already been a failure from the start and trying to improve this may be a waste of time and effort. Therefore I will be creating new products to be put into my portfolio and I will make sure that the work I put in my portfolio will be the best that I have done. Many employers in this field will need a portfolio to look at anyway so working on my portfolio is my best bet into the creative industry.


In summary, despite the whole project being a large failure, it has also given me the chance to look back at the mistakes I have made and to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again. Although this may be a huge setback to my career, I feel that as long as I keep working hard to fulfill my inner ambitions, ¬†and keep being dedicated to the work I do, never giving up, then I will be successful.


Character Concepts

The characters you see below were originally meant to be in the game but due to time constraints, I simply did not have enough time to fully make the characters and thus were not included in the final outcome. But I am still showing you the characters to give you a sense of what the game was going to be like.

Initial Sketches of characters
Initial Sketch of Worm
Final Design of Worm
Improved Sketch of Trojan
Final Design of Trojan
Final Boss
Improved Sketch of Final Boss
Final Design of Final Boss


Creating Trees, Grass and Foliage for Level 1

The trees that you see below were made in Maya and to make them, I simply first made a texture file for the leaves in photoshop and applied them to individual faces of the tree. I then made the tree stump from a cylinder and extruded it. Afterwards, I attached the leaves to the tree.

Tree 1 in Maya
Tree 1 in Maya

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Tree 2 in Maya
Tree 2 in Maya

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For the grass, I used a particle system in Maya to generate the individual strands. I then covert it to a polygon and applied a green texture to it.

Grass in Maya
Grass in Maya

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Unwrapping of objects within desk area

I have now started to unwrap objects that haven’t been unwrapped yet within the desk area such as:

  • Computer Monitor
  • Computer Server
  • Wall Socket
  • Plugs

Below are a few examples of objects that have already been unwrapped:

Desk Unwrapped

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Desk Chair Unwrapped

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Pencil unwrapped

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Pencil Pot Unwrapped

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The stacks of paper are just planes on top of each other and thus each sheet will have the same texture and doesn’t need to be unwrapped since it only has one face.

My next task is complete all the unwrapping of objects within the desk area.