Research for A3

For this assignment I will demonstrate how different software applications can be used on the same product. Using Final Cut Pro 7 and Photoshop I will create a digital matte painting and composite it into a video image of a Southend skyline.


The head of the visual effects company I work for has approached me to mock up some test footage for a science fiction feature they are bidding for. The film will feature a scene set in  a futuristic city that has been built on the remnants of an old town. Using a clean background plate I will create a new skyline and composite it into the new one. I must:

  1. Shoot 10 seconds of footage of a skyline.
  2. Create a new skyline as a digital image.
  3. Composite the two assets in FCP7.


The first thing I needed to do before I started recording a video was to find where to record. Since I live in Southend, finding a place wasn’t difficult and so I went to the highest level of my accommodation halls and recorded a video of a skyline from there.

Video recorded, the next step was to create a new digital skyline in place of the current one in the video. Since it’s science fiction based, I felt that I needed to find some materials that are related to the theme, so I did. I found some pictures of clouds and stars but in the end, I came up with 2 pictures, one with clouds at night time, and one with I star in the center with some red clouds forming around it.

Clouds in night sky
Clouds in night sky

I chose this picture of clouds in the night sky because I felt that this particular image looked really cool especially with the moon in the right hand corner of the image which really brings out the sense of the night sky.

Red star with clouds
Red star with clouds

For my second image, I chose a relatively similar picture of a red star surrounded by clouds in which I felt that it complimented the first image amazingly.

I took these two pictures and composited them together in Photoshop, making a really awesome piece of skyline.

(For finished product, see A3 Design)

After compositing the 2 pictures together to form the new skyline, I now had to put it in with the recording in Final Cut Pro 7, replacing the old skyline.



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