Research for A4

For assignment 4, I was tasked with researching into existing products of cereal and their marketing campaigns. I also had to come up with my own characters and draw a basic design of them. For this task I was given a scenario and based on the scenario, I was required to produce a digital storyboard, depicting a 30 second advertisement for my own brand of cereal.

Visual Brainstorm 'Cereal'
Visual Brainstorm ‘Cereal’

I first began by creating a visual brainstorm of cereal. I started to research different brands of cereal (Golden Nuggets, Rice Krispies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Coco Pops, Krave, Cheerios, Sugar Puffs, Cornflakes, etc.) and what types of cereal they are (Cereal grains, crisped rice, squares of wheat and rice covered in cinnamon and sugar, flakes of corn, etc.). After thorough analysis, I decided to go with crisped rice as I felt this was the best option for my audience (children) because not only does it appeal to the eye but it also tastes good. I chose to name my own brand of cereal: “The Sweet Family” as it has positive¬†connotations such as ‘fun’, ‘exciting’, and ‘for everyone’. To make the product stand out I had to come up with slogans such as: “Low in fat and salt”, “Great source of fiber”, “Guarantees enrichment of vitamins and iron”, and “Rich in Calcium”.

As for the character designs, I wanted to have 2 characters; ‘Sugar Daddy’ and ‘Kid Cereal’. Sugar Daddy is a tall and muscular man in his thirties whose aim is to bring joy to everyone’s breakfast by magically turning them into his own brand of cereal “The Sweet Family”.

Kid Cereal is a young teenager and his job is to eat cereal, whether he likes it or not because it’s his job.

'Sugar Daddy'
‘Sugar Daddy’
'Kid Cereal'
‘Kid Cereal’

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