Design for A7


Pixel art is a common art style for many video games and I will have been shown how to create such pixel art using Photoshop in the correct process. This assignment will be assessing my ability to create a single pixel art image using Adobe Photoshop.


I have been asked by my lead character and creature artist to help design and create the pixel art of a new creature for their game. They need me to design and create the pixel art of an elemental creature. The creature must embody one of the four elements (earth, wind, water, and fire) entirely. They are antagonistic in nature and this must be reflected in their design. I should complete the task in the most professional manner with full research and development. The artwork is for use in the game so the creature must be visible from the side-scrolling viewpoint in a 45 degree idle stance.

I will need to provide:

  • Research/inspiration for designing my elemental
  • Sketches of some designs/variations
  • Final Photoshop file
  • PNG of the final pixel art


Sketches of desgins and variations:

fire creature sketches
fire creature sketches

PNG file:


Fire elemental

Photoshop file:


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