Research for A7


Pixel art is a common art style for many video games and I will have been shown how to create such pixel art using Photoshop in the correct process. This assignment will be assessing my ability to create a single pixel art image using Adobe Photoshop.


I have been asked by my lead character and creature artist to help design and create the pixel art of a new creature for their game. They need me to design and create the pixel art of an elemental creature. The creature must embody one of the four elements (earth, wind, water, and fire) entirely. They are antagonistic in nature and this must be reflected in their design. I should complete the task in the most professional manner with full research and development. The artwork is for use in the game so the creature must be visible from the side-scrolling viewpoint in a 45 degree idle stance.

I will need to provide:

  • Research/inspiration for designing my elemental
  • Sketches of some designs/variations
  • Final Photoshop file
  • PNG of the final pixel art


For this assignment I have decided that I will be designing a fire elemental creature so in order to gather ideas for such a creature, I must first do some research on fire creatures/monsters used in games, films, and animations:

Final Fantasy X Bomb creature

Bomb is a fiery creature from the game “Final Fantasy X” and its whole body is shaped like a bomb, hence its name. It has no legs and its head is really its body, with sharp thorns sticking out of its backside. It also has tiny sharp hands beside its body. Its primary colour is fiery red/orange with secondary colours such as black and brown for its razor sharp thorns. It also has a terrifying face with pointy fangs and a bright glow in its eyes.

Final Fantasy Ifrit Aeon

Ifrit is also another fire creature from Final Fantasy X, however it is totally different than the bomb. It bares a striking resemblance to a demon-like werewolf with extra sharp claws and is quite muscly. It usually stands on it’s two legs with one hand on the ground, possibly indicating that is capable of fighting standing on its two legs and able to fight with its hands on the ground.

Digimon Meramon

Meramon is a fire monster from popular children’s anime “Digimon”. It has a humanoid figure, having hands and legs but every part of his body is made out of fire. He is about the size of an average human male and his face has a similar design to that of a skull.

Pokemon Charizard

Charizard is a fire dragon monster from popular childrens cartoon ‘Pokemon’.  It has 2 large wings in order fly and has a fiery tail used as a fighting mechanism. It also has sharp claws for gripping on to other monsters and razor like teeth for crushing enemies to death.


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