Initiation of Ideas

Today marks the beginning of my Final Major Project (FMP) and my Final Major Project Development (FMPD), and I have been planning out what my idea is going to be. Attached to this post is an image outlining the ideas that I had in a mindmap/brainstorm along with the software tools I already know and the tools I need to learn in order to use it in my final project. Included also are the processes of creating the documents.

First, I made a mindmap/brainstorm of possible ideas that could go into my FMP, as shown below:


After creating a mind map, I decided to solely focus on a type of 3D horror game as 3D horror games have a big market in the games industry. Take “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”, a 3D first person survival horror game in which you have to navigate through a mansion to uncover the hidden the mysteries of it. It garnered multiple gaming awards and rose to popularity due a YouTuber called “Pewdiepie” who was one of the first people to play the game. The main reason why I chose to make a 3D horror is because I personally love to play horror games and it always excites me, so in that sense I want to make games that will shock the player, both physically and mentally. I also have strong modelling and programming skills to make a 3D horror game as I have had previous experience of it in my first year of university.

Making the mindmap/brainstorm
Process of establishing the tools I need

Software Tools



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