Technical Evaluation

What I learnt:

After completing this project I have learnt that some things just aren’t for people. I say that because I feel that I have let myself down and let others down due to my shortcomings as this whole project has been an almost complete failure. This project was supposed to be my highlight, a chance to show off to potential employers what I can do as an individual. However, this is incidentally not the case. The work I produced for this project has been one of the lowest quality of work I have ever produced.

Comparison to presentation:

In my presentation I said I would design, model, and texture 3 characters, and 3 environments, along with 3 levels to be put into a game in which the player would have to solve puzzles in order to progress through the game. Compared to the final result, I have designed the characters but have not modeled and therefore also not textured them. As for the 3 environments, I have modeled an almost complete environment for my second level, modeled a few assets for level 1, and haven’t done any work towards the last level. So the end product is a “prototype” of some sort with a main menu and 2 very incomplete levels.

How does this affect my career?

Now if a person looked at the amount of work I had done for this project, they would almost immediately think I have put an incredibly large setback towards my career and that it is going to be extremely hard for me to have a proper career in games development.

However, I believe that despite all my numerous amounts of failures, I can still make it, because I still believe that I can have a successful career in this field. Perhaps I just haven’t peaked yet, that I still haven’t reached my full potential yet and that is alright because in due time, I will have the skills necessary to enhance my career if I keep working hard at it because I feel that with many failures come great success, provided that I learn and improve from it and that I am still committed in what I do and still have the passion for it.

Future plans for the product and my career:

In terms of future plans for this product, there will be no further action to be taken regarding this particular project as I feel that it has already been a failure from the start and trying to improve this may be a waste of time and effort. Therefore I will be creating new products to be put into my portfolio and I will make sure that the work I put in my portfolio will be the best that I have done. Many employers in this field will need a portfolio to look at anyway so working on my portfolio is my best bet into the creative industry.


In summary, despite the whole project being a large failure, it has also given me the chance to look back at the mistakes I have made and to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again. Although this may be a huge setback to my career, I feel that as long as I keep working hard to fulfill my inner ambitions,  and keep being dedicated to the work I do, never giving up, then I will be successful.



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