Product Evaluation

How the product turned out:

In my honest opinion, I think the final product is not worthy of any admiration at all, since based off my blog posts, I haven’t been doing much work on it at all. The reason for being that is because I was so focused on the other work I had to do, especially the group work because last year, the amount of work I contributed to group work was pretty much nil and thus in order to prove to myself and fellow colleagues that I can in fact contribute a pretty decent amount of group work, I dedicated myself mostly to group project work. However it’s not to say I haven’t done any work on this project, in fact, I did spend a pretty large amount of time just modelling and unwrapping the objects in level 2.

The final product is a prototype of a game, if you’d even call it that. This originally wasn’t my plan as originally I had planned to make a complete game with 3 characters, 3 to 4 environments, and 3 levels. I now realise that I had made a huge mistake and perhaps I was too ambitious and optimistic about it. If I were to do this project again, I wouldn’t be so ambitious and unrealistic about it. If I had a chance to start a whole new project like this one, I’d stick to environment modelling, and modelling 3 detailed environments.


During this project I did have a chance to learn the Unity Engine as I had little knowledge of it before. I now know a little bit more about it and I feel that with a little bit more experience, I would be able to make a complete game in the engine.


I feel that are a lot of weaknesses during development and just in general as a whole. However, I feel that my biggest weakness is time management and overall planning of the project. The way that I work, I would work and work and work but I would often forget to document it on the blog, and that would lead me to a big disadvantage as I would forget when I did certain tasks and how I did them.

I have produced a gantt chart, however I would hardly look at it and follow it as if I do, I would feel worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish tasks in time and would start to panic.

Another big issue is the lack of motivation and discipline. I feel that when I’m doing work, I have to be fully committed to it in order to be able to achieve my goal and would hardly take a break. That being said, whenever I do take breaks, I would often be distracted by social media and would go on to take longer breaks, sometimes even forgetting to do the work again. And perhaps I am just overwhelmed about everything, because I quite often overthink about things, things I shouldn’t be thinking about and yet I still think about them. I would often just be overwhelmed by life itself and all its intricacies which then makes me fall into a pit of depression.


To conclude I feel this whole project has been a complete disaster from beginning to end. However, that doesn’t mean that I have lost all faith in myself, in fact quite the opposite. I believe that despite my many failures, if I continue to believe in myself and believe that I can still make a change, then I haven’t truly failed. Life still goes on and it just means that there are more opportunities for me to learn and improve.



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