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Creating Trees, Grass and Foliage for Level 1

The trees that you see below were made in Maya and to make them, I simply first made a texture file for the leaves in photoshop and applied them to individual faces of the tree. I then made the tree stump from a cylinder and extruded it. Afterwards, I attached the leaves to the tree.

Tree 1 in Maya
Tree 1 in Maya

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Tree 2 in Maya
Tree 2 in Maya

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For the grass, I used a particle system in Maya to generate the individual strands. I then covert it to a polygon and applied a green texture to it.

Grass in Maya
Grass in Maya

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Unwrapping of objects within desk area

I have now started to unwrap objects that haven’t been unwrapped yet within the desk area such as:

  • Computer Monitor
  • Computer Server
  • Wall Socket
  • Plugs

Below are a few examples of objects that have already been unwrapped:

Desk Unwrapped

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Desk Chair Unwrapped

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Pencil unwrapped

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Pencil Pot Unwrapped

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The stacks of paper are just planes on top of each other and thus each sheet will have the same texture and doesn’t need to be unwrapped since it only has one face.

My next task is complete all the unwrapping of objects within the desk area.

Completion of Blocking out of Desk Area

I have now completed all of the blocking out of the desk area, however I decided to remove the bin and the crumpled paper as it was not needed in my game. Below is a screenshot of my current progress so far:

Desk Area Complete

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As you can see from the picture above, I have also decided to change the layout of the cables from the computer to the socket to make it look more realistic.

The next task now is to unwrap all the objects that haven’t been unwrapped yet within the desk area and then afterwards, apply a texture to them.

Continued Blocking Out of Desk Area

As of today, I have almost completed the blocking out of the desk area. There are some extra props that I have included in order to make it look more appealing. These include but are not limited to:

  • Stacks of paper on the desk
  • A pencil pot to store pencils, pens, markers, and a ruler
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Marker Pens
  • Paper

Note: All of the assets above have been unwrapped.

Here is a render of what the desk area looks like so far:

Render of what the desk area looks like currently

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As you may have noticed, I have re-positioned where the desk is due to the fact that it looked better and made more sense if it were positioned close to the corner of the room.

The next task is to add the finishing touches to the blocking out of the desk area which includes adding a few more props to garnish the desk area, such as:

  • A small bin
  • Crumpled paper
  • Wires and plugs to make the computer look connected to a socket
  • Socket

I aim to complete the full blocking out of the desk area by the end of next week.

Blockout of Desk Area and other Assets

Render of what the desk area looks like currently

Today I will be continuing work with the blockouts in my level, which includes a desk area and other assets such as plants. For my desk area, I will be including a table, computer, chair, paperwork, and a plant pot with some plants in it. Below is the current progress of work done so far for the desk area:

Block out of desk area

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The next task for me to do is to add some stacks paper on the desk, some spread out papers, a pot of stationery, and a pencil on the desk to make it look more like a work station and then afterwards I will be unwrapping the assets included.

Hospital Bed Unwrapping

After blocking out everything that was included in the hospital bed, I went on to unwrap them. During the process, I had first automatically unwrapped them in Maya and then went about stitching the UV’s and unfolding them for each individual object included in the scene. Below are a few unwrapped assets included in the scene:

UV unwrap of side bars

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UV unwrap of blanket

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UV unwrap of mattress

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The next thing I need to do now is to import the bed into my level and start creating other assets such as my desk area.