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Design for A1

The following are my design concepts for assignment 1:

First Assignment

Research for A1

Character biography:

Dave has the power to change the world, the power to transcend through time and space, ruler of the universe. However, his nemesis brother Mike, thwarts his ways in becoming the world’s greatest hero. Since young, he and his brother were like best friends, they would do activities together and talk about girls they were interested in. That was until the day of the incident. From that moment on, they knew that they were meant to be arch-enemies from birth. On that day, both their parents passed away in a terrific car crash. 10 years on, the thought of his parent’s deaths still haunts him, even today. Dave has his mind set on traversing back in time in order to prevent his parent’s deaths, little does he know that doing so will destroy the space-time continuum, the curvature of time, and everything in between. Using his mighty powers, he creates a giant portal to travel back in time to the day of the incident. Before stepping into the mysterious portal, his brother Mike suddenly shows up. Mike tries to persuade Dave not to go back in time and tells him that if he does, he break the flow of time and essentially, create havoc in the Universe. Dave now has the decision whether to prevent the incident from happening and destroy the universe, or to live with the hard truth and save the world he lives in at the present.

Reflection and Analysis of Results:

My intention was to create a character that had a superpower – the power to transcend through space and time – and to show it in a way that the audience would instantly recognise. I wanted to create another character who is the main character’s brother, Mike, to stop Dave from doing something stupid and it had to look convincing and thus, I drew Mike in a hoodie, faceless, with just a pitch black darkness replacing his face to signify something so deluded and eye-catching such as the grim reaper. The main character had to feel really insecure, worried to his pants so much so that he has to understand the serious consequences of his actions or else he would wreck the world.

Based on the results collected, it seems that people described the image generally as negative with words such as: ‘dark’, ‘ghost’, ‘death’, ‘shadow’, ‘rebel’, ‘evil’, and ‘hidden’. Judging from the feedback, only 1 out of 12 votes said that the character was trustworthy. I think the sole reason for that is because the antagonist is wearing a hoodie, possibly representing a young teenager, and that is portraying negative feelings because of the fact that he is being stereotyped. 3 out of 12 votes said that the character was likeable. Perhaps most people thought that because the antagonist had no face, people would assume that he is an unlikeable character because we know nothing about him and we like knowing things about people. All of 12 votes indicated that the character was passive. That is indeed the case since the character is doing nothing, just standing there. 11 of 12 people thought that the character was troubled. Clearly the image represents an emotion that is not joyful which shows us that the character could possibly be troubled. 12 out of 12 votes said that the character was not aspirational, as he doesn’t look like he wants to achieve anything in general. From my point of view, I wanted Mike to look like he was about to stop Dave but it seems that I didn’t put it across clearly. Other comments included the words ‘Grim Reaper’, ‘Modern Death’, and ‘The man who lost everything’. I found this interesting especially the comment about the man who lost everything. It’s interesting to see how people perceive the image. Some people may perceive it as scary, creepy, and haunted, whilst others may perceive it as mysterious, confusing, and weird.


During the process of this task, I felt that I planned this not as well as I hoped for. When the task was set, I did some work during class but I didn’t come home to continue working on it straight away. I left it almost to the last minute to complete it and I understand that it was the wrong thing to do and that when I am set a task, I am to continue with it straight away when I get home from class. I believe this is one of my flaws and it needs to be worked on. With enough organisation and motivation I believe I can tackle this problem and that I learn from my mistakes.

For this assignment I worked with a fellow classmate and assigned each other different rolls to do. I worked more on the story line and the character biography while my partner worked more on the design aspects of the task. Luckily my classmate lived in the flat next to mine so I decided to have a group meeting with him so that we can plan out what we were going to do for the task. I believe I communicated well with him and explained my intentions clearly.