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Design for A2


Mr Soap Poster
Mr Soap Poster
Product Packaging
Mr. Soap Product Packaging

Research for A2

For this assignment I was tasked to produce product packing, face designs, and a product print advertisement for a type of soap. I had to revitalize an existing bottom ranged basic soap which had to include eco-friendly and natural ingredients that had to appeal to elderly people generally aged 50 and over. In order to build on my ideas, I had to do some research on existing brands of soap and the different types of soap.   Below are the following research materials:

Mr. Soap Brainstorm

Above is a visual brainstorm of the word ‘Soap’ and is the core basis of my research analysis. I began by coming up with a name for my brand of soap. Since I was aware that I couldn’t use an existing brand of soap that is used already in the real world, I came up with my own fictional supermarket name: ‘Bescos’. Before the re-marketing of the soap, the soap was appropriately named: “Besco’s Basic Soap”. After the reproduction of the soap, it was to be named “Besco’s Soap”. However, I felt that the renaming was a bit too simple and it felt as though it didn’t quite catch the consumers attention, and thus I made a final decision to re-brand the soap as “Mr.Soap”. I chose the name “Mr.Soap” because it felt consumer friendly and it’s a name that everyone could understand. It’s clear and to the point.

Regarding the design of the soap, it had to be a bar soap because as this was for elderly people, a bar soap was perfect for them since they would have a firm grip on the soap because this type of soap is a soap which isn’t slippery. The colour of the soap was to be white as it gives it a look of purity and cleanliness. As for the design of the packaging, it were to be a rectangular shape as it fits along with the description of a bar soap. The colours of the packaging had to be clear and simple, including colours such as white, light blue, and light green.

As for the soap’s properties, it is made with natural ingredients, specifically selected for people with extremely sensitive skin, which includes: Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Chloride, Gelatin, and Aqua. It has been dermatologically tested and contains no perfume.

Mr. Soap poster concept


The following above is the poster I designed, with ‘Mr Soap’ in bold capitals in order for the poster to grab the attention of and appeal to the audience. It also features an image of the actual product on the bottom right corner of the poster so that the audience knows what the product is. It has the slogan ‘The soap that brings joy to all the family’ positioned just under the title which makes people believe that everybody will like it. The word ‘NEW’ is printed in capitals inside a starred border arranged at the top right corner and notifies the audience that this is a new and improved product. The phrase ‘No perfume!’ is shown in a starred border on the right side next to the title to get a point through that the product has no chemicals that may cause harm to asthma sufferers. ‘Dermatologically tested’ under main title to signify that this product has been tested thoroughly and passes safety conditions. On the bottom right hand corner, there is a little label captioned ‘WHICH? Soap of the Year 2014’ so that the audience knows it’s a trusted product and that it’s a really good product, so much so that it has won an award.

Mr. Soap Face Design and Product Packaging

Here is the face design and product packaging concepts. In the front view there is the brand name shown on the top left corner with an image of the actual product shown on the bottom right corner. On the top right corner there is a starred banner with text “NEW” shown and an an arrow pointing at it saying “Green fill” which indicates that I want to fill the starred banner with a green background. There is an arrow pointing at the brand name and saying “Dark blue fill” in which my purpose was to change the font color to dark blue.